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art director


Graphics geek here.

I've invested the past 17+ years studying and practicing graphic design, and I've enjoyed every moment of it.

Since earning my bachelor's degree in design in 2008, the majority of my career has been spent at independent design groups in Pittsburgh, being hand-picked and mentored by some of the city's most senior design professionals.

I've been successful in specializing within the B2B market of design with industrial products, helping manufacturers by solving their sophisticated communication challenges, interpreting them in the simplest visual way possible through award-winning creative.

Keeping high standards for my design work has afforded me the opportunity to impact global, world-class brands such as Alcoa, PPG, Westinghouse Nuclear, Calgon Carbon, UPMC, Charter, Vitro Architectural Glass, Kingspan Insulated Panels, Kennametal, U.S. Steel, EPIC Metals, and FS-Elliott.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, or contact directly to see my latest work and CV. 

Specialized in:

  • B2B logo, brand + identity design

  • Print design: brochures, catalogs, data + sell sheets

  • Sustainability + annual report design

  • Interactive reports

  • Presentation deck design


Made in USA. 

Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, I am a product of 1980s postmodern America, dazzled by the spectacles of television, film, excessive advertisements, graphics, and programmed by its visual culture--it's the only world I've known. 

My creative spirit comes from diverse places: the sound and fury at a drag car racetrack with its intoxicating energy of raging engines, burnt rubber and fuel; skull-piercing metal at a dive with speakers that threaten to tear my face off; the lasting permanence of Helvetica used with skill, keeping a composition neutral and legible; the marketing tactics of horror and exploitation films from the '70s.

I know ​Dodge has always been my favorite brand. Dogs are my favorite people. Music keeps me alive (see gigography). I enjoy collecting examples of attractive print design, be it vintage books, records, classic film posters, retro computer games, or sales brochures for cars. In my limited free time, I can be found digging for these treasures in dusty second-hand stores around town. 

My wanderlust takes me places like the faded, sun-bleached mill towns of the rustbelt with my aged beagle (back when he was alive), through the corridors of my mind in impossible fantasies and daydreams, and all the way out to the digital frontier of the web, with hopes to return with some explanation to the absurdity I see.

As an outsider, I am always looking in. As a melancholic introvert, I keep it all inside, channeling it through creative projects and within my small circle of offline friends and family.

Influences: I'd be nowhere without the inspiration that I draw from my teachers, from art and eccentric, creative people, but specifically the work of: Clive Barker, David Cronenberg, Peter Saville, David Carson, Erik Spiekermann, Tom Savini, Al Jourgensen + Ministry, Trent Reznor + Nine Inch Nails, Nivek Ogre, Ian Curtis, Deborah Harry, Siouxsie Sioux, Kristin Hersh, Nergal, John Carmack + id Software, Karl Lagerfeld, George Carlin, Garry Shandling, Doug Stanhope, Charles Bukowski, Fran Lebowitz, Quorthon, Glen Benton, Clyde Caldwell, Patrick Loughman, and amazing type designers everywhere.

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